Mr Aris Korbetis (member of the Archery Club KORYVANTES and head of the  Rcore Custom Grips & Accessories) gave a very interesting interview on the Podcast channel “THE BAREBOW ARCHERY PODCAST“, hosted by Glenn Pringle.

The channel successfully hosts the interviews of distinguished athletes and personalities of the international stage of BAREBOW category, aiming in the promotion of all the latest news on this field (international competitions, athlete’s mental preparation, equipment, training etc). The interview approached a series of topics : The Bronze Medal of Aris Korbetis in the “KINGS OF ARCHERY 2019” international competition, the present and future of the BAREBOW category, the activities of RCore Company, the current state of archery in Greece, with reference to the 3D archery Competition “ARKTOS “ which is organized by our Archery Club.

Congratulations to our athlete, who consistently continues to advertise Greek Archery abroad.