Koryvantes Archery Club is deeply saddened to be informed that the head of the Chinese Traditional Archery Federation and good friend  of our team Yun Zhonghe (Wang Gang) has passed away on March 14 2020 in Beijing.

Mr “Wang Gang“- as we all knew him- was a wonderful man and a pioneer in modern traditional archery movement. He managed to establish the Chinese Traditional Archery Federation and to organise massive traditional archery tournaments in different cities of China for more than 10 years. We first met him in person in China in 2012, then in Turkey (2015), in China (2016), and in South Korea (2017) and we will always remember him for his kidness and his vision for the Chinese and World Traditional Archery.

With his family, we share the grief and loss and bereavement.

Mr. “Wang” Gang (Yun Zhonghe) and archers of our team in Gumushacikoy – Amasya / Turkey Traditional Archery Tournament, June 20-23 2014