Koryvantes Archery Club is deeply saddened to be informed that our beloved friend Posta Pal (President of the World Traditional Archery Federation / Europe / WTAF) has passed away yesterday June 4 2019.

Pali was a noble person, good friend, and one of the most renown and respected modern Hugarian traditional archers. He had a fundamental contribution in the establishment of a World-wide network of traditional archers, under the WTAF (World Traditional Archery Federation) organisation, in 2007, based in South Korea. He had organised or co-organised many traditional archery events in Hungary, Turkey, S.Korea and Poland, and had succesfully managed to highlight the cultural approach of traditional archery.

From our very first meet with Pali in South Korea in 2010, till our next ones in China (2012), in Turkey (2013), in Hungary (2014) , in Greece (2015), in Poland (2016), in Hungary (2016), he was a warm supporter of our team, and we will alway remember him for his kidness and vision.

Our deepest condolences to his family.